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Sat | November 18, 2023
Chris Isaacson Presents
THE FARAGHER BROTHERS: FAMILY SOUL (Grammy Award-winning & 4x Grammy Award-nominated family of Musicians)
Show: 8:30 pm
All Ages
After performing multiple sold-out shows this past year, THE FARAGHER BROTHERS, bring “Family Soul” to Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood! Live - Sat, November 18th, 2023 at 8:30pm. "Family Soul" is the brothers homage to Soul and R&B music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The Faragher Brothers (originally consisting of siblings Danny, Davey, Jimmy and Tommy and later joined by sister Pammy and brother Marty) recorded 4 albums in the late 70’s. They performed their music on Soul Train, American Bandstand and music venues across the U.S. and contributed their talents on countless recordings for many major artists. This family of musicians have four Grammy Award-nominations and a Grammy Award among them.  The Faraghers Brothers have reunited for the first time in 45 years to bring back the songs of their early albums and perform the soulful tunes of that era. This time, family members Charlie and Daisy Faragher have also joined the group, adding fresh new talent on drums, sax, and vocals. Danny Moyhnahan and Marcus Watkins, the only non-Faraghers, also bring their chops to create something both classic and new, nostalgic and unexpected. The Faraghers are getting back to their roots and striking a chord with their many fans who crave hearing strong live musical performances on stage that touch the heart and soul. Please join this musical family for an inspirational evening filled with great music.
The Faragher Brothers band features: Danny (organ/vocals) Davey (bass/vocals) Jimmy (percussion/vocals) Tommy (piano/vocals) Pammy (percussion/vocals) The next generation of Faraghers will also be on stage: Charlie Faragher (drums) Daisy Faragher (alto sax/vocals). Supporting the Faraghers on stage: The talented, Marcus Watkins (guitar) The smooth, Danny Moynahan (tenor sax and flute)