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Thu | May 25, 2023
Catalina Bar & Grill
SoCal Jazz Collective Sextet
Show: 8:30 pm
Catalina Bar & Grill
All Ages
SoCal Jazz Collective is a flagship ensemble of Orange County, California, based jazz educational institution, SoCal Jazz Academy. It consists of veteran and up-and-coming jazz performers and educators from LA and Orange counties. Led by bassist Karim Yengsep, it performs the hard-swinging and high-energy sets of original material mixed with some of the classic charts from the bands like Jazz Messengers, Eastern Rebellion, et al. The performance at Catalina Bar & Grill will feature Tom Cunningham on trumpet, Wendell Kelly on trombone, Wes Perry on tenor saxophone, Mark Massey on piano, Peter Pfiefer on drums, and Karim Yengsep on bass.